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Actual OverheadSince the predetermined manufacturing overhead rate is an estimate, it is important to identify the actual overhead rate at the end of the reporting period. The actual overhead costs used during the period are the manufacturer’s absorbed overhead. To determine the absorbed overhead amount, multiply the actual number of machine hours used during the term by the predetermined overhead rate, also referred to as the overhead absorption rate..

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canada goose coats on sale WABAG Air Niugini’s beautiful bird of paradise which for decades have showcased our cultural diversity were shredded when the Dash 8 aircraft was burned to the ground in Mendi last week.In 1989, I had such an experience as I flew on an Air Niugini airbus painted with a giant bird of paradise with its yellow plumage covering the entire fuselage of the aircaft like a satin dress as we headed north to Hong Kong.I was already seated when I saw two young men enter the cabin and watched the air hostess direct them to their seats.When I later met them I found they were Henry Kore and Nathan Kigloma Air Niugini aircraft engineers on their way to Frankfurt in Germany to canada goose parka outlet further their studies. I was on my way to Cardiff in Wales on a Thomson Foundation journalism scholarship.Last week, my heart cried out for the pilots and crew when I saw images of the Air Niugini Dash 8 aircraft burn in Mendi even as the canada goose outlet toronto address national court house and governor’s residence went up in flames.The pilots and crew were doing their duty with smiles on their faces and making sure their passengers were safe and comfortable and enjoying their flight to Mendi.They would soon welcome aboard new lot of passengers for the return flight to Port Moresby canada goose victoria parka outlet to join friends and families and conduct their bsiness.But then canada goose outlet belgium high powered guns were used to stop them in their racks.Eyewitnesses told me that terror reigned that day as shooting, looting, screaming, confusion and chaos gripped Mendi as gun trotting rebels brought the town to its knees.At that stage, they were unsure whether the pilot, crew canada goose outlet new york and passengers had been harmed.Red and yellow tongues of flames flared as dark clouds of black smoke streamed to all corners of Mendi Valley as if the whole town was burning.Within minutes the news of the destruction spread.A Facebook video reached 20,000 mark people almost instantly.There were calls for the resignations of prime minister O’Neill, electoral commissioner Gamato and chief justice Injia.The violence was triggered after Southern Highlands Governor, William Powi was affirmed in his position after the national court rejected a petition that he had been declared without all the votes being counted in the controversial and violent 2017 national elections.But Air Niugini had nothing canada goose outlet michigan to do with the running of these elections, the court decision or the deep rooted corruption and vote rigging that permeated the poll.It’s hard for me to imagine how Henry Kigolma and Nathan Kore must have felt when they saw those pictures of the plane going up in smoke.If it had been a mechanical problem, an aircraft engineer could have fixed it on the spot. But this was an aircraft deliberately set on fire an aircraft in good shape to carry passengers to their destinations.I had recorded in my book, ‘I Can See My Country Clearly Now’:In the train, I wondered how Nathan Kigloma and Henry Kore, two Air Niugini aircraft engineers, were managing over in Frankfurt, West Germany canada goose coats on sale.

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