Tilt the pot and gently canada goose coats rake the top

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Canada Goose Jackets In this instructable I’m going to teach you some of the basic of repotting container plants. Now that it’s FINALLY getting warm here in Colorado, uk canada goose my indoor plants have been growing like crazy canada goose so I’ve been repotting them little by little every weekend.I typically only canada goose clearance repot my plants buy canada goose jacket cheap if they’re outgrowing their pots, if they’re sick, or if I want to refresh succulents arrangements. So far this year I’ve uk canada goose outlet done quite a bit of refreshing and my plants have done a lot of outgrowing their containers!While I took most of the pictures as I was repotting succulents, these tips will work with any canada goose black friday sale houseplant or container plant. Keep reading Canada Goose Parka to learn all about transplanting your plants canada goose clearance sale into new containers! I’ll cover how to remove plants from pots, how to add soil correctly, and how to clean up your plants after they’re repotted and more. Tilt the pot and gently canada goose coats rake the top dressing out of the pot over the sieve. Shake the sieve to remove any soil and you have a nice clean top dressing to use again. :DStep 2: Canada Goose Outlet How to Cover Drainage Holes in PotsDrainage holes are incredibly important, but they can also allow a little bit of soil to seep out when watering! To avoid this, I like to use a piece of plastic mesh in the bottom of the pot. (Sometimes also called plastic canvas) It’s easy, super cheap, and doesn’t take up any space in the pot.I tend to use just enough to cover the drainage Canada Goose Coats On Sale hole, but you can also cut the mesh to fit the bottom of the pot snugly. In this case, I’m repotting some succulents as the crassula capitella in the back needed way more sun than the echeveria and crassula luederitzi.I typically use a skewer or butter knife to loosen the soil from the edges. Then I tap the bottom of the pot with one hand while I support the plants and pot in the canada goose uk shop other hand. Canada Goose Jackets Sometimes the soil will come out a little at a time sometimes it’ll come out in one big chunk!If you’re Canada Goose online having problems removing the plants, use your fingers cheap Canada Goose or a small shovel or spoon to gently dig the plants out. I’m not very particular canadian goose jacket about whether the soil is wet or dry when I do this because there’s a much lower chance you’ll have to “dig” a plant out of Canada Goose Online a plastic pot. To start, I hold the pot in both hands and press in on the sides of the pot, loosening the soil around the edges. Then I flip canada goose store the pot on its side or with the opening facing down. I hold the plant and pot with one hand and push down on the bottom of the pot with the other hand. If you’ve done this successfully, the plant should come out of the pot easily! If the plant doesn’t budge, you may have a rootbound plant that needs a little more massaging on the sides and bottom of the pot Canada Goose sale before it comes out. If it’s a very large or rootbound plant, canada goose factory sale don’t be afraid to cut it out of its pot, especially if it’s in a thin plastic canada goose uk black friday nursery pot. Often cutting the plant out will be less stressful for it and buy canada goose jacket less damaging to the roots. I repotted a philodendrom selloum this weekend and had no option but to cut it out of a 10 inch pot because it was too heavy and rootbound!Step 5: What to Do With Roots When Transplanting a PlantThis is a huge debate among the gardening community, but for me it comes down to how large the roots are.When I repot succulents, I like to remove extra soil or peat from the roots to give them the best chance to get established in new soil. This is because they have very shallow root systems compared to other plants an grow more slowly.When I repot vine, grass or tree type plants I tend to leave the roots alone for the most part! I’ll shake away a little excess soil or sometimes slightly loosen a root ball with my canada goose uk outlet hands if the plant was rootbound, but otherwise I don’t worry about them. Their roots will spread easily into new soil.If the plant is sick, I’ll often remove as much soil as possible from the cheap canada goose uk roots to check for signs of canada goose outlet root rot and other problems. If I’m dividing the plant into smaller sections, I also tend to remove as much soil as I can. This allows me to either untangle the roots of the individual sections, or find the right place to cut the root system for division. To remove excess soil from plant roots, I highly recommend soaking the roots and soil in a bowl of room temperature water. (Water that is too hot or cold can hurt the plant, so be careful!) Swish the plant around lightly in the water to help the soil fall away and use your fingers to “fluff” the roots in canada goose coats on sale the water to separate them.(Make sure not to pour the soil y water down the drain or you’ll have a clog! Dump it outside instead.) Canada Goose Jackets.

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