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My Scar Cream MD offers customized compound creams to help you reduce your scar, whether it’s a result of trauma, burn, acne or post-surgical.

Scar results from wound repair in the skin and other body areas after injury. It’s a natural part of Pain Cream for Tennis Elbowthe healing process that does not completely regenerate the tissue it’s replacing.

When a scar forms, the same tissue is laid down that is being replaced, known as collagen. Unfortunately, collagen in a scar is laid down differently than the tissue it replaced. It lays down in a predominantly single direction, instead of the normal randomness.

There are various types of skin scarring, and all of them involve the body’s collagen replacing the damaged tissue. Too much gets laid down. Hypertrophic scarring involves too much collagen that raises the scar above the surrounding skin. Usually shows as a red, raised lump.

Keloid scars are essentially hypertrophic scarring gone wild. Most common in dark skinned individuals, they often occur after surgery, acne, an accident or body piercings. They are benign and most common on the shoulders and chest.

With Contracture scarring, it is typically burns that are the cause. Skin tightens as it pulls together and needs to be treated quickly to prevent range of motion restriction. Creams with silicone gel can help the scar mature and minimize the contracture.

Acne scars result from excess collagen forming as an indentation, often due to picking at the skin.

Scar tissue will never have the same functional integrity as the skin that it replaces. Most individuals are concerned with the cosmetic appearance issues, but also there may be associated itching, pain, tenderness, sleep disturbance or anxiety.

Keloid scar removal creamMy Scar Cream MD provides custom compounded creams for scar reduction. Depending on the type of scar an individual is dealing with, the cream will be customized and may include silicone, pain relievers, steroid, and medications designed to alter the formation of collagen. This may include medications such as pentoxifylline, verapamil, both of which can prevent collagen from over expressing and causing a large keloid for instance.

The silicone that is a vital component of the scar removal treatment has been shown in research studies to be very effective and produce 86% reduction in texture, 84% reduction in color and 68% reduction in scar height.

There are several mechanisms of action for silicone which involve the modulation of growth factors to help properly regulate collagen formation in scar tissue.

The prescription scar creams are easy to administer, odor free, typically covered by insurance and are shipped directly to your home.Pain cream for elbow pain

With My Scar Cream MD, the creams are much stronger than anything available over the counter and significantly more effective too. We will either contact your physician or have a telemedicine doctor consultation, so that you can obtain the treatment needed.

The cream will be shipped to your home directly at no cost to you. Most of the time, the cream itself is completely covered by your insurance with a possible small co-pay.

If you or a loved one is dealing with a scar and desires help either removing it or preventing it from getting worse, call My Scar Cream MD today at (855) 784-7864.

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