Anti Role Model: The idea for the website came about when

Not always the case. Hank often exhibited this, but episodes like the one where he joins a Food Co op involved him learning that he was wrong to dismiss them as a bunch of dirty hippies (of course, he also teaches them basic business practices that make the Co op productive and financially sound. sound enough to sell out to the local big box store that Hank didn’t want to go to in the first place). The above example about the episode where he is forced to adopt a cat was more about the greedy and hypocritical veterinarian and medical supply salesmen trying to milk Hank for every dollar they could get than it was about cats being bad pets (it was just that specific cat was a huge pain). Most episodes that invoked this trope end with Hank learning a lesson or making a reasonable concession to the idea he opposed, but pointing out that the person arguing or acting against him was a hypocrite or at least being a jackass about it.

Replica Designer Handbags Childhood Friend Romance: Romance is not a prominent element, so if anyone does get together, it’s probably two longtime platonic friends, and frequently via Last Minute Hookup. Robin and Marian, The Chronicles of Robin Hood; Perdita Pettle and Adam Hilyarde in The Queen Elizabeth Story; Tamsyn and Piers Caunter in The Armourer’s House; Simon Carey and Susanna Killigrew, and Amias Hannaford and Mouse Carey in Simon; Marcus and Cottia, The Eagle of the Ninth; Frytha and Bjorn, The Shield Ring; Drem and Blai, Warrior Scarlet; Randal and Gisella, Knight’s Fee; Owain and Regina, Dawn Wind; Gault and Levin, Sword at Sunset; Hugh Herriot and Darklis Ruthven, Bonnie Dundee; Damaris Crocker and Peter Ballard, Flame Coloured Taffeta; Conn and Luned, The Shining Company. Replica Designer Handbags

Replica Valentino Handbags Contains examples of: Ambiguously Brown: If the historical woman’s ethnicity was something of a question mark Jason will often draw them this way, for instance Tomyris and Tirgatao since it’s not known what exactly “Scythians” looked like. Philipa of Hainault is also portrayed with an ambiguous skin tone as there’s debate as to what her ethnicity was with the only specifics that have survived in the record being that she was “brown skinned all over”. Similarly Zelia Nuttall was known to have an Irish father but the exact ethnicity of her mother is uncertain though she was at least born in Mexico. Ambiguous Gender Identity: While Jason has specifically decided not to cover any trans men, he mentions that Catalina de Erauso’s gender identity to a modern audience is hard to nail down, since Erauso’s own autobiography regularly switched from male to female indicators. Anti Role Model: The idea for the website came about when Porath and some fellow Dreamworks employees saw a clickbait article about “Why Elsa and Anna are bad role models for girls”, decided that they could think of way worse role models for girls, and challenged each other to see who could think of the worst one. (The winner? Lolita.) Artistic License: If something in an illustration is inaccurate and he knows it Jason will usually point it out in the footnotes and cite this, usually to make something clearer or tie a picture together. Badass Bystander: Onake Obavva was the wife of a guard in the city of Chitradurga who according to some versions murdered upwards of 100 invaders using only a pestle and likely saved the city. Badass Gay: Along with several women who were suspected to have been lesbian or bisexual during their time periods, a few verifiable ones are Julie d’Aubigny and Catalina de Erauso. Bald Women: Masako Hojo is depicted as this since she eventually became a Buddhist nun. Jason admits that the illustration is mixing her history a bit since she wasn’t yet a nun at the time of the incident where she flattened Lady Kame’s house after she found out her husband was cheating on her with the other woman, but he wanted to show her as bald. Breach of Promise of Marriage: A major factor in the legal case of Artemisia Gentileschi from the book, since her rapist Tassi had promised to marry her to keep her quiet but later reneged on his promise, which prompted the Gentileschis to charge him in court and eventually win their case. The Caligula: Covers several notorious examples including Elisabeth Bathory and Ranavalona I, with heavy emphasis on the fact that many of their supposed evil deeds were probably not true Replica Valentino Handbags.

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