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Benefits of Topical Prescription Scar Removal Creams and

How They Work

How do Prescription Scar Removal Creams work?


When a scar appears, each patient is faced with a number of options as to its treatment. One of these options is the use of specific medication that addresses the kind of scar they have. The physician, after an appropriate consultation, can provide a prescriptioPain cream for elbow painn for a very specific compound (prescription scar removal cream) aimed to act precisely to reduce the scar. A pharmacist can then formulate this compound, in close cooperation with the physician, and deliver a product that is custom made.

In order for prescription scar creams to work effectively, two factors are to be observed:

a)    The physician must provide the patient with specific instructions on how to use the product such as which time of the day to apply, how many times per day, how much of the compound etc…

b)    The patient must follow these instructions religiously.

But how do the scar removal creams work? Depending on the type of scar that needs treatment, the physician will prescribe specific ingredients for the cream that address specific issues. These ingredients may be:


It is derived from vitamin A and helps the skin produce collagen which is essential to the skin’s healing process and growth. The frequency of use depends on the size, the depth and discoloration of the scar.


When a scar needs to be protected from the sun, in addition to treating a scar or stretch mark as well as smoothing and softening of the skin, maderma is prescribed which offers SPF 30.


It actually works on the skin as bleach and produces a skin lightening effect which reduces the appearance of scars. It is available commercially with potency up to 2%, but a physician, depending on the severity of the situation, may increase that potency up to 4%.

Scar removing cream
Burn Scar

Flucticasone Propinate

This agent relieves inflammation and helps reduce swelling and redness.


Increases blood flow to the area  and decreases collagen formation. Collagen plays a large part in scar formation, so pentoxifylline can inhibit further scar from occurring.

Prilocaine or Lidocaine

Both are local anesthetics used against pain.


This is a neuropathic medication used to address the cases where the nerves underneath the scar are affected.

Levocetririzine Dihydrochloride

This is an antihistamine that also provides anti-inflammatory properties.

PracaSilTMScar Removal Cream

The only compounding silicone base designed, that can be combined with other active agents for scars and skin conditions.

Varapamil or Nifedipine

Calcium channel blockers for use in certain scar conditions. These act in two ways. One is to decrease collagen formation, and the other is to actually break down collagen.

Silicone gel and/or silicone sheets

The application of these compounds apart from healing is also preventive. It increases hydration and therefore regulates the production of fibroblasts while reducing the production of collagen. At the same time it acts as a protective cover from bacterial infections and reduces itching and discomfort.

A cream may not contain all the above mentioned ingredients as these are produced for individual requirements, depending on the nature of the scar. Some scars may require a certain percentage of a certain ingredient etc. This is why it is important to have a prescription scar cream, which is considerably more effective than anything available over the counter.

In general, prescription creams have a much higher effectiveness than commercially available compounds which are made to address general and less severe situations. Recent studies done on the newest elements of silicone gels showed 86% effectiveness in reducing the texture of a scar, 84% success in improving the color of the skin and 68% reduction of the height of the scars, when they were applied twice a day through rubbing for 2-3 minutes each time, and the treatment started five to ten days after the closure of the wound and lasted for 6 months.

Prescription creams have a much higher effectiveness than commercially available compounds, which are made to address general and less severe situations.


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