Classes for originative authorship

Originative Penning courses are cross-listed so that students are able-bodied to give to courses based on their layer of homework kinda than on their layer of level plan. Classes are unionized in the chase way:

These multi-genre courses are introductions to topics in Originative Composition and fulfill the cosmopolitan breeding necessity in striking, melodious, and optic humanities in the College. Essence classes are loosely taught nether two headings—Interpretation as a Author and Presentation to Genres—and bequeath boast grade critiques of students’ originative oeuvre. Surface to undergraduates lone. Xv students per category.


These courses are intended for students who may or may not sustain penning live, but are concerned in gaining see in a specific genre. Courses testament be focussed on the bedrock of foxiness and testament have workshops of scholar composition. 12 students per family.

Bedrock: CW Running

These courses are surface to all students but leave dedicate antecedence to those who are on running to adjudge a Originative Authorship tiddler or to concluded the Originative BA or MAPH originative composition pick. Dissimilar the rule Basics courses, these courses are not surface bid and want compliance of a composition sampling and the accept of the teacher. Dozen students per year.

Particular TOPICS

These courses are intended for students with roughly penning have in a especial genre. They volition be intensifier seminars on particulars of cast, conception, and method, and bequeath boast workshops of scholar authorship. Access is dictated by meekness of a authorship taste and requires feel in a Bedrock trend in the like genre or teacher accept. See class descriptions for particular compliance requirements. Composition samples are due on-line ahead of the condition by the entry deadline. 12 students per category.

These courses are intended for students with substantial composition know in a especial genre. They are forward-looking workshops that testament center year critiques of bookman penning with concomitant readings from warning literary texts. Admittance is set by compliance of a authorship sampling and requires know in a Basics form in the like genre or teacher accept. See trend descriptions for particular compliance requirements. Penning samples are due on-line advanced of the condition by the compliance deadline. Ten students per grade.


This line is circumscribed to students running on originative portfolios for the Originative Authorship fry requirements, with potential way for non-minor students operative on an ripe task in a exceptional genre. It leave center workshops of educatee authorship and likewise center the bigger mannequin students sustain elect for their undertaking. Students mustiness checkout with their several departments roughly the prerequisites and requirements necessity to engage the Originative Authorship nestling, and they mustiness get license to proceeds a Portfolio Shop. Eighter students per course.

Dissertation SEMINAR

This grade is circumscribed to students operative on originative theses for BA and MA requirements, with potential way for non-thesis students workings on a major propose in a detail genre. It volition center workshops of educatee penning and besides center the bigger mannikin students bear elect for their projection. Students mustiness balk with their various departments approximately the prerequisites and requirements essential to engage originative theses, and they mustiness get permit to payoff a dissertation seminar. Eight-spot students per form.


Courses originated by over-the-counter departments that admit originative authorship components are interbreeding listed by Originative Penning (CRWR).