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An Overview of Acne Scars

Acne scars are caused by inflammation within the skin due to acne. They are created as the wound tries to heal itself by producing excessive amounts of collagen in a single Prescription acne scar creamspot. The physical scars produced by acne are frequently addressed as “ice pick” scars as they tent to produce an indentation of the skin’s surface.


To avoid scars as a result of acne the first thing to do is treat the acne itself aggressively. The procedure called The Regimen should be enough to treat most cases. If the case is more severe, physicians usually prescribe pharmaceutical intervention. But it is of the utmost importance that the patient does not pick at the skin.

The majority of the scars occur not because of the acne but because of the picking. The occasional “popping of a zit” can be performed quickly and safely, but it’s the picking that follows which produces the damage.


When the scars appear, there are some precautions to be put in place to reduce the results. The first thing is to make sure that there is no active acne. The next step is the avoidance of exposure to the sun as this will cause discoloration and slowing down of the healing process.

Prescription acne scar cream

It is recommended to apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 and above that contains zinc oxide, before going outdoors. Vitamin E should not be applied directly onto the infected area, as this is another factor that would inhibit healing.


If the scars do not fade away without intervention, consideration should be taken on using laser and filler treatments. Fractionated laser can smooth the skin surface, while non-ablative lasers quicken the production of collagen without damaging the skin. Filler injections like restylane, juvederm and fat injection surgery, are also effective against the indentations left behind, but they need to be repeated every four to six months.


As an alternative to all the above, a prescription scar removal cream, along with the main ingredient against acne scars which is patience, can perform, with a success rate of over 80%, an almost complete restoration of the skin. The advantages of choosing a removal cream are:


1)    Much lower cost than any procedure that has to be carried out in a medical establishment and without the inherent risks. Plus, you will not have to handle the burden of using multiple creams because these prescription creams are specially produced keeping your requirements in mind. They serve multiple purposes, including healing and relief.


2)    Each circumstance is treated specifically. Scars have differences from person to person as the skin type is different, the pigmentation is different, the thickness is different, and the intensity of the acne is different. Over-the-counter compounds, masks, lotions and all such solutions, do not take these facts into account.

On the contrary, a scar removal cream will be specially formulated to match a specific case after a medical professional has examined it, and has prescribed a very specific compound, that is not already prepared, but it is manufactured on a per case basis.


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