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An Overview Of Contracture Scars


Partly Healed Burn Scar
Partly Healed Burn Scar

A contracture scar is characterized by the permanent constriction of the skin often as a result of a burn. It may also affect the muscles and tendons underneath, reduce mobility and conceivably damage the nerves if the original injury is of an extremely severe nature.


A burn is a kind of injury that very rarely heals without a scar. The tissue forming this scar is not the same to the one it replaces, its functional quality is inferior, and usually it contains a lot more fibers. Also the attachment of epidermis is poor and causes the surface to be susceptible to further injury.


Contracture scars peak in a period between 3 and 6 months after the injury, and moderately resolve after a period of 12 to 18 months. They can result in long term deformities of both cosmetic and physical nature and should they be located close to a joint, they restrict the range of motion. They may also involve debilitating levels of pain that requires high dependence on pain management.


There are some measures that can be implemented in order to avoid the creation of contracture scars, right after the occurrence of the injury. For example, on a burned hand, one should splint the hand and wrap each finger separately. On a neck injury, the neck should be hyperextended during the course of healing (i.e. no Pain cream for elbow painpillows). Also, there are pharmaceutical compounds that will help scar maturation.


The treatment of contracture scars must be explored through medical avenues. The current approach is the surgical excision of the infected tissue to be followed by skin grafting which results in extensive and repeated surgeries. There have been cases that the injection of dermal fibroblasts from either the patient themselves, or from other donors, can produce significant results in remodeling of the skin and improvement of the mobility of the affected joint(s).


However, if you have the scar and it does not disappear after the surgery or it is not the kind that requires surgery you need to turn to scar removal creams that have been proven to give results.


ScarCreamMDA specifically designed scar removal cream can be prescribed by a physician with ingredients that will address the issues surrounding each specific situation. A good prescription may address the pain involved and issues of treating possible damaged nerves underneath the affected tissue. Plus, you get the desired results without having to bear the pain of surgery and this method is also very cost effective.


Over-the-counter products may also be used to address burns and contracture scars, but they cannot be anywhere nearly as effective as a specially designed formula, because they address the issues generically and without taking under consideration that each specific case is different.

These prescription creams are written by experts and produced by expert pharmacists that know their job. These are for individuals prepared keeping the severity of injury in mind which is why they have been proven to give the best results.

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