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–> First, American literature reflects morals and traditions which come from the nations frontier days. The master values of selfreliance and independence seem repeatedly in documents that are American. National creators have great admiration for the price and significance of the patient. They often deny authority and to emphasize the equality of people along with democracy. They often celebrate a sense of area that is endless along with dynamics. Next, National authors have constantly had a solid habit to interrupt with literary history and also to strike-out their awn instructions. Writers of other counties appear to absorb their national literary cultures. But several American authors have refused the previous as a way to create something fresh.

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Third, a talent of laughter runs through National literature from earliest occasions for this. From uncover here becoming too expressive most of the time, a significant theme is saved by a dash of salty humor. American wit tends to be exaggerated rather than subtle. It demonstrates the peoples capability to laugh at themselves perhaps throughout the hardest situations. Mandatory Reading List 1. Mark Twain: Activities of Huckleberry Finn 2. Earnest Hemingway: A Goodbye to Hands 3. John Steinbeck: Wrath’s Grapes REGARDING THE AUTHOR Luka Malgaj plays a part in Slovenian writers portal – Visit Mejak