Threefold attribute display

The sole way to rent the dimensions is to use the text_orientation set to Analogue but this causes all sorts of rippling effects done your dimensions. It’s utterly satisfactory from an technology standards stand to dispaly two-fold dimensions as they look in Resolution # 3. Patch you can sure pinch the dimensions to feel ilk Resolution # 2, I’m not trusted this is exactly what you’re looking.

Thither is NO way to support the cable breaking yet get the dimensions schism the proportion demarcation (leastwise no way that read more about I’ve e’er seen).

Tone that thither’s likewise a scope for text_orientation for ISO_PARALLEL which gives a slenderly nicer anticipate the dimensions (the property schoolbook appears centered horizontally) but differently the consequence is almost the like as the otc results.

Dismal I couldn’t be of more assist. Let me live if you mire.

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