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FAQs on Prescription Scar Removal Creams


What are the scar removal creams?

Scar removal creams are created based on each individual’s scar treatment needs. They are pPain cream for elbow painrescribed by a licensed physician and prepared by a licensed pharmacist through the use of tested and approved ingredients.


How are they different from other creams?

Each cream is customized with specific ingredients, based on the needs of the patient and the type of scar. The different active ingredients are of prescription potency and can reduce scars resulting from surgeries, injuries, burns, acne etc…


Who is to use this cream?

Any patient should consider using these creams if they want to reduce the effects of a scar. Since it can only be prescribed by a physician, after the consultation, the scar treatment can be adjusted to each patient’s needs.


What happens if an application is missed?

The best results are obtained if the cream is applied as directed. If applications are missed frequently, the results will not be optimum.


On a “Do not use on open wounds” warning when is the wound completely closed?

An injury is completely closed when the crust falls off or the stitches are removed. As long as there is still a crust, keep the wound sanitary and covered to diminish the presence of the resulting scar.


Does the scar removal creams make scars vanish?

There is no product that can make scars vanish completely. A scar cream can help them appear softer, smoother and less noticeable, which is in some cases as good as ‘disappearance’.Prescription pain cream for tennis elbow


Is it safe for children?

Scar removal creams are prescribed for adults only.


Is this product safe?       

All prescription medications include a number of risks. Since scar creams are for local use, there is less risk than oral medication. If any reaction to the medication is noticed, its use is to be terminated immediately and medical attention promptly sought. For best results, always get these from a licensed and experienced pharmacist/manufacturer.


How soon should noticeable results become evident?

Typically results should be evident within a few weeks of using the cream. However, depending on the age, size, and color of the scar, it may take longer. It is recommended to follow the prescription’s instructions precisely in order to obtain the best results.


Is it effective against all types of scars?

Yes, the cream is compounded based on the individual’s requirements.


Is it possible to be allergic to this cream?img4

Yes. It is not recommended to use the cream if there is any prior history of reaction to any of the ingredients used. If any itching, redness or swelling after the application of this cream is noticed, the scar area is to be cleaned thoroughly and medical attention sought immediately.


Are the results guaranteed?

The ingredients used have been clinically tested and proved to provide significant effects on scars.  No results can be guaranteed, but if the physician’s instructions are followed during usage, treatment will be optimized in a safe and effective manner.

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