If I stop using a computer, I stop being able to feed myself

Not everyone who works extensively at a computer or any other job that requires repetitive movements, like a factory assembly line or a supermarket checkout will get RSI.Estimates suggest that around 7% of working people have it, although some estimates place it closer to 10%.TUC figures indicate that half a million UK workers suffer from it and that six people a day actually have to leave their job because of RSI pain. If I stop using a computer, I stop being able to feed myself. Many other RSI sufferers have the same problem.So my only solution is to manage and treat the condition luckily, it is treatable, and usually goes away with the right treatment.’You may first notice these symptoms when you’re carrying out a particular action, such as clicking your computer mouse or typing, but this may cause longer periods of pain as the condition persists.’For me, my first symptom was a pain in my wrist, particularly when I put weight on my hand.

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