If the air is exhaled, most people will sink in fresh water,

The average human body with a relaxed lungful of air is close to neutral buoyancy. If the air is exhaled, most people will sink in fresh water, and with full lungs, most will float in seawater. The amount of weight required to provide neutral buoyancy to the naked diver is usually trivial, though there are some people who require several kilograms of weight to become neutral in seawater due to low average density and large size.

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Bathing Suits Examination of the known suits, such as the two found in Mancheng, has revealed that these rules were not always followed. Considering the vast size of the country, and the relatively slow means of disseminating information, it is not surprising that the materials and techniques used in a jade burial suit occasionally differed from the official guidelines.A jade burial suit was extremely expensive to create, and only wealthy aristocrats could afford to be buried in them. Additionally, the process of manufacturing a suit was labor intensive and is estimated to have required several years to complete a single suit.Tombs from the Spring and Autumn period belonging to the dukes of the Jin state in Quwo were discovered in which the body was covered with small jade pieces once interwoven with silk.[1]For many years, many archaeologists suspected that records of jade burial suits were only legends Bathing Suits.

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