The major subassembly is the seat structure that moncler

electric Biped Version 2

cheap moncler sale These instructions show how to build a seat to fit onto a commercially available electric self balancing scooter. I designed this device for myself and others who have problems with walking and cheap moncler standing. It takes the place of a wheelchair in a much smaller and lighter package, however, it does not provide enough control or support for someone who moncler jacket sale cannot stand or walk. While riding the eB2 I have been approached by those who could be helped by a lightweight device. I hope these instructions can help you or someone you know move about in places that require standing and walking. It is excellent for museums, parks, and stores. I have not found it useful in smaller buildings such as my house. cheap moncler sale

moncler outlet store This device is based on a Segway Ninebot MiniPro. This is a small Segway that works exactly like the larger units that have been on the market for several years. It sells for about $600 from Amazon or Walmart. They do not call it a hoverboard, although it shares most of the features of the hoverboards on cheap moncler outlet the market. It has a high quality battery system, not prone to overheating and fires (they claim UL listing). moncler outlet store

moncler outlet sale When you moncler factory outlet are finished with the build of this device, there will be two subassemblies, and the MiniPro itself. The major subassembly is the seat structure that moncler outlet online sits on the foot pads of the MiniPro. moncler outlet sale

buy moncler jackets There moncler sale outlet is no connection to the MiniPro, no screws or brackets to hold it in place other cheap moncler coats than your weight (explained later). There is also a fabricated steering lever that takes the place of the knee steering bar that comes with the MiniPro. buy moncler jackets

moncler mens jackets These instructions presume some woodworking skills, but no great expertise. If you have neither the tools nor the skills, find a friend who can help you cut and assemble. I consider the device EXPERIMENTAL, as no systematic testing moncler sale has been done to determine who could best use it, and which groups should not try to ride it. I will attempt to make clear the dangers, but you as the end user, or advisor to an end user , MUST EVALUATE THIS FOR YOUR SITUATION. I do not advise the use of this device unless the rider has the AGILITY to step on and off the unit without help. It is also important that the rider have the strength to pick up the device, as there will be times when one is confronted by stairs or even a curb without ADA ramps. A reasonable agility test might be: can one ride a bicycle, and get on and off, by oneself, with confidence? I do not want to encourage use of this by people who could lose control and be injured. moncler mens jackets

moncler sale outlet In the MiniPro instructions, the first page shows a cartoon figure with bandages, arm splint, and leg cast with crutch, to emphasize the dangers. The Segway literature suggests age limits of 16 to 60, and weight limits of 60 to 200 cheap moncler jackets sale pounds. The mandatory training period limits top speed. Maximum speed can be set on the smart phone linked setting. Wear safety gear, particularly a helmet. moncler sale outlet

cheap moncler outlet My experience is that speed is moncler outlet uk less likely to be a danger than HITTING OBSTRUCTIONS AT ANY SPEED. The design of the control electronics applies power to each wheel separately (each wheel has a half horsepower motor). While small obstructions of an inch or so can be overcome if approached slowly, larger obstructions will stop the wheels. IF ONE WHEEL IS OBSTRUCTED, THE OPPOSITE WHEEL WILL GET HIGH POWER AS THE ELECTRONICS ATTEMPT TO KEEP THE DEVICE UPRIGHT. THUS THE RIDER GETS PITCHED OFF AS THE DEVICE SPINS SIDEWAYS. I always watch the path and the wheels carefully in any environment that could stop one or both wheels. cheap moncler outlet

moncler sale There is another limitation of the electronics. While the MiniPro can climb or descend 15 degree slopes, the steering circuit may not turn as intended on anything more than a slight slope. moncler sale

cheap moncler jackets That said, it has been a great device to get me out of the house and on outings of several hours. In large public buildings it works well even in crowded hallways or elevators. As I mentioned, many have seen how easy it is to use and asked about it for themselves or impaired relatives. Knowing the risks Moncler Outlet , I believe there are people who will benefit from this. moncler outlet Just be careful, and understand the dangers of the various environments where you ride. cheap moncler jackets

moncler outlet online If you have no foot or leg impairments, but you would like to get around easily without being on your feet all day, this may work for moncler jackets outlet you. Museum guards often ask about the device. As for (younger?) people who want excitement and a thrilling ride, I would advise looking elsewhere. This will run approximately $600 and can be sourced from Amazon or Walmart. It comes in black or white. Get this on order while you begin work moncler outlet sale on the seat and steering bar. There are less expensive hoverboards that might function adequately, however, I have no experience with them. Generally they have smaller wheels, which is not a good thing. Battery capacity may be less. You would have to design a way to steer by differential pressure on the foot pads. The MiniPro is well built, and mine has worked fine for a year and over 100 miles. There is no need to open up the MiniPro chassis which would void the warranty. moncler outlet online

cheap moncler coats Wood parts: cheap moncler coats

cheap moncler Plywood; inch plywood, 24 inches by 48 inch piece will yield the various parts required (and a bit more for mistakes). Use a type like AC or Birch cheap moncler jackets faced so the surface is smooth if you intend to paint it (painting seals the edges and prevents/reduces splintering). Also need 4 inches of 1 inch diameter dowel for the steering handle cheap moncler.

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