Topical Pain Creams Delivered Directly to your Front Door


More than 80% of the United States population suffers from excruciating, acute and/or debilitating chronic pain at some point. This increases the demand for methods that are as noninvasive as possible, while being extremely effective, low risk and covered by insurance. The team of experts at My Pain Cream MD provides topical medications for individuals affected by most any painful condition and/or vexing scarring.chronic pain picture


There are numerous painful disorders that can be efficiently and effectively treated with topical prescription pain creams. This treatment greatly reduces blood absorption and harmful drug interactions. A recent national survey conducted revealed that more than 80% of individuals using pain creams reported success in pain relief. These results included most all pain disorders and conditions.


My Pain Cream MD investigates the pharmacies we work with in order to provide the public with pain creams containing only FDA approved ingredients. Each pain cream is formulated with your specific medical needs in mind. Individuals who possess prescription benefits and private insurance, are almost guaranteed to be covered. My Pain Cream MD works in conjunction with nationwide telemedicine providers and we perform thorough consultations. The telemedicine doctors write pain cream prescriptions as indicated.


This type of prescription is known as an e-prescription and is sent directly to the appropriate pharmacy. It is then filled and sent to the clients’ home immediately. There is no shipping charge to clients. This saves time; energy; money; and a great deal of hassle. Most all individuals today lead extremely busy lives. Added in painful conditions and disorders only exacerbates the situation. This brings patients’ pain relief much quicker, as well as enables them to spend their valuable resources on more important issues.

Pain Cream for Tennis Elbow

My Pain Cream MD is a team of expert medical professionals who work closely with patients, as well as many other experts in the field. Our main concern is health and well-being. Our team is standing by to take your call today. An evaluation with one of our caring staff members only requires about 10 minutes of your valuable time.

As mentioned, individuals who have prescription benefits are encouraged to call now. Our team, in conjunction with other professionals, evaluates your specific medical needs to create a pain cream formula to fit your health needs. We will then write an e-prescription based on your individual health requirements and ship it expediently to the front door of your house.